Upcoming Debate on Single-Payer Plan in Healthcare Reform

As the Congressional healthcare overhaul bill nears its final form and vast reforms to the system could potentially be past, advocates representing diverse perspectives continue to weigh in to garner public support. Among these groups is the International Socialist Organization (ISO), which will host ‘A People’s Guide to the Health Care Debate’, a forum to be held on Thursday, December 17 at Spontaneous Celebrations at 45 Danforth St. in Jamaica Plain.


The ISO has decried the exorbitant profits earned by insurance corporations, instead championing a not-for-profit single-payer plan as an alternative. The organization will discuss health care overhaul in this context during its debate on Dec. 17, specifically addressing the Stupack Amendment, the “attack on women’s rights” represented by conservatives’ attempts to block funding for abortions, Massachusetts’ plan for fixing health care and how it has been implemented, and an explanation of what a single-payer system would look like, according to an ISO press release.


To learn more, access www.internationalsocialist.org, email contact@bostonsocialism.org, or call 617-648-0561.