Video Clip of the Night(mare) Center

Night Center Video from Spare Change News on Vimeo.

-Video by Norman Watne

This video is the multimedia accompaniment to a story by Norman Watne published in the 1/28/10 issue of Spare Change News. It depicts the interior of the Night Center, a “drop-in center” at 31 Bowker St. in Boston that serves as a last resort shelter for those with no where else to go. The Night Center is a controversial place. While it provides a much needed service by getting people off of the street–thereby protecting them from potentially dangerous conditions and inclement weather–it has a very bad reputation among individuals experiencing homelessness in Greater Boston. Many have dubbed the place the “Nightmare Center” due to its cramped quarters, lack of privacy, austere conditions and restrictions placed on visitors. Take a look and let us know what you think.


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