Street Logic: A Sociological Novel of Homelessness in Boston


Steve Sundberg’s recently published novel Street Logic is a self-proclaimed sociological examination of the lives of the countless men and women who have called the streets of Boston home. The story tactfully invokes the need for community involvement to alleviate the woes of those in need, reminding the reader that we can all play a role in enhancing the overall wellness of our cities. Far from being a narrative that inspires pity, Street Logic is ultimately a call to action.

Amy Collins of the online social networking book club site Goodreads recently reviewed Street Logic, writing:

“This debut novel is a fascinating read, a look at the characters who live on the streets of Boston and their indefinable inabilities to accept help or choose another life – a life most of us regard as necessary and sane.

Sundberg’s knowledge of street life and the personalities who abide there is clear, convincing and heart-rendering. From the eyes of Axel Hazzard, a gentle and street smart character relying on instinct and compassion, we learn a little more about the problems of the homeless. And the stark solutions.

But even through the darkness of reality via fiction, Sundberg manages to give us light and hope and a dream of mitigating the homeless problem in Boston and America, as well as a better appreciation for the dedicated souls who reach out to those lost to homelessness and hopelessness.”

Sundberg himself has lived in various parts of the United States, ultimately moving to Boston in 1982 after graduating from Emory University. He has worked for various local social service organizations, including the Home For Little Wanderers and Pine Street Inn.

Street Logic has begun to make an impact in the Boston community since its publication. Harvard Kennedy School Professor of Social Policy Chris Jencks recently gave the novel his endorsement, stating that Street Logic is, “The most closely observed, emotionally charged account of American homelessness I know. This portrait of the men and women who live on the streets of Boston in all seasons and despite the best efforts of outreach workers to help them will leave any thoughtful reader wondering both why we let this happen and how we could stop it from happening.”

You can pick up a copy of Street Logic in person at the Harvard Book Store, or online at, or from Sundberg’s website ( Partial proceeds from all sales go to the Pine Street Inn. To contact Mr. Sundberg, or to find out more about the Street Logic Million Readers Project, send an email to

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