Rosie's Place

Rosie’s Place offers the following services to poor and homeless women: daily lunch and dinner; the use of showers, lockers, phones, and computers; referrals to services such as mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, and primary and mental health care; and job placement. Rosie’s also offers guests an opportunity to participate in the Women’s Craft Cooperative (WCC), where women are introduced to craft skills, such as jewelry-making, and the basics of merchandising. Guests can then sell their products to the public. Staff members represent English, Spanish, and Haitian-Creole speakers. Rosie’s Place offers overnight beds to poor and homeless women ages 18 and older for up to 11 weeks. Rosie’s also works to stop the cycle of chronic homelessness by providing a support system of referrals for primary health care, mental health treatment, medicines, and substance abuse treatments. In addition, Rosie’s sponsors the Women’s Craft Cooperative (WCC), which introduces women to craft skills and the basics of merchandising through its jewelry-making program.

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