Mitt Romney Is Irrelevant

In the second Presidential debate Mitt Romney answered a question about how he would make sure in his administration that women would receive equal pay. He touched upon the memory of the beginning of his term as governor of Massachusetts, where he found that all of the folks looking to be in his cabinet were men, apparently that bothered him, “I went to a number of women’s groups, and said can you help us find folks? And they brought us whole binders full of women”

Not only was his answer condescending and stupid, it had nothing to do with the question at hand which makes his answer all the more irrelevant. And that’s something Mitt has always been in my eyes. Why? I don’t know it’s just the way I feel about him, When Mitt was elected Governor ten years ago (can’t even remember who ran against him) he was irrelevant even then, not many people knew anything about him other than the fact he was the son of a Michigan governor, and the fact that he ran a failed campaign against Ted Kennedy some years ago. Oh and that he was a Mormon. In fact no one had heard much of anything about him, oh yes there was those Winter Olympics.

Even his sudden ascent to the top of the governorship in Massachusetts was a set-up. You see the GOP in Mass was in fear of losing the top spot they had hung onto over a decade mainly because the current Governor, Jane Swift was pretty much making a mess of everything. The GOP was slowly going down the tubes, enter Romney, fresh off the supposed triumph of the Winter Olympics. The Mass republicans saw Mitt as their chance to keep the Governorship in their hands, There was just one problem, actually a couple. On one hand Mitt though he was a Massachusetts resident hadn’t lived here in years, he had pretty much taken up residence in Utah, returning to Mass only when he was headed up to his vacation home in New Hampshire. It’s no wonder he had no idea of women who would fit into his cabinet, he didn’t live here and had no idea about Massachusetts politics.

But there was a bigger problem, the current Republican Governor Jane Swift had every intention of running for a second term, the state GOP would have to convince her that it would be in the better interests of the people of the state if Mitt ran in her stead. Poor girl never had a chance, so Mitt played the moderate roll and got elected, but then he began to show his true colors.

See for him it was always about the presidency, we were just a stepping stone. As far as his moderate views, those were just a smoke screen. Mitt played the role because even though he was Governor the rest of the State House was purely Democratic. So when explains how he and people in Mass worked together it’s because he didn’t have much of a choice, and as it turned out he hated that. Remember how he bad-mouthed our state during the 2008 presidential primary season? Now four years later he got along well with Massachusetts, clearly he will say and do whatever it takes to get him elected, But he does slip up and his true feelings do come out, the 47% thing, binders full of women, and does anyone remember the tar baby remark when he was still here? The fact is folks Mitt Romney doesn’t care about any of us, only himself, he’s as hollow as a tree, he is just irrelevant.

-James Shearer

James Shearer

James Shearer is a writer and co-founder of Spare Change News.

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