Marijuana Sales Delay: Lawmakers Thwart The Freedom of the People

Practically hidden from view, with the exception of Stanley Rosenberg, the Senate president and Republican Minority Leader Bruce E. Tarr pushed through an amendment which delays the opening of Marijuana stores by 6 months, despite the fact that the public vote to open those stores was passed by a vote of 54% of the people of Massachusetts.

Less than an hour after that, with only five members of the House of Representatives on hand, led by Democratic rep Paul Donato, the passage of the 6 month delay took less than a minute with a practically empty chamber.

Governor Charlie Baker has 10 days to act on the pot-delay bill which delays the opening of marijuana stores from January 18, 2018 to July 18, 2018.  Let’s hope that Governor Baker respects the will of the people of Massachusetts and vetoes this ridiculous 6 month delay.

Mason Tvert, a national advocate for legalization at the Marijuana Policy Project derided the 6 month delay and said, according to the Boston Globe, “The will of the voters was to protect public health and public safety by regulating Marijuana.  By delaying the regulation of Marijuana, lawmakers are delaying the protection of public health and public safety.”

Now, people who want to buy Marijuana will have to go to the regular dealers who also sell oxycontin, cocaine and heroin.  It seems that  our government feels that it can do anything it wants to the people of our country.

Democracy is dead.  Our votes have become worthless.  It’s time to look at the Constitution and see study the part where it says that we have the right to overthrow our government if it abuses us.

The year 2016 is the year that we not only lost beautiful people (David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, George Michaels, Lee Kidd, Steve Dillon, and all the rest—too many to name right now) but we lost our freedom, electing a racist, misogynist, twisto businessman as president—we’ll call 2016 The Year of Tears.

Why is it that the government feels as if they can tell us that we cannot smoke harmless weed but also creates an order where so many of us lose our homes?  It makes me boil with fury when the rich pass laws that make it possible to steal our money and then don’t even let us have the freedom to smoke weed—at least we’ll tolerate it for a while when we’re high.

Of course, we can’t tolerate it.  We have to strike back for our freedom.  It’s no wonder that people go crazy and strew death and destruction all over—we’ve become a pressure cooker and that’s no good at all.

If only humans were advanced emotionally as we are technologically.  I guess we don’t live in a perfect world.  We’re working on it, even though, at times, it doesn’t seem that way.  Well, here comes the new year, red hair and all.

Marc D. Goldfinger is a member of the board of directors of the Homeless Empowerment Project, which publishes Spare Change news. Formerly homeless, he serves as the paper's poetry editor.