Contribute to Spare Change News!

Dear readers,

I wanted to introduce myself as the new editor-in-chief of Spare Change News and let you know how you can get involved with our organization! We’re looking for writers and volunteers of all sorts.

I want to push SCN forward as a community newspaper in addition to a street paper — one capable of covering local news and giving a voice to the region’s vulnerable communities.

Homelessness is, of course, our main topic of interest, but we’ll also look at the various issues that intersect with the topic: affordable housing, economic justice, mental health, addiction and recovery, and other angles our reporters discover.

Additionally, there are a lot of seats up for reelection this year, and I want to keep an eye on those races.

There’s also the Trump factor we can’t ignore: local communities are bracing for big federal changes, especially budget cuts that would deal heavy blows to housing, food, and education on state and city levels. Understanding, navigating, and reporting on how the new presidency will affect local policy is another goal for me.

Finally, I also want to bring more arts and entertainment coverage to the paper, especially in a way that either highlights local artists; artists with political or activist careers; and/or arts-based movements.

Contact me

If you have something you want to see in the paper, contact me at

Please make sure your message includes the purpose of the email in the subject line:

  • pitch
  • letter to the editor
  • advertising
  • volunteering

Letters to the editor

I’m especially interested in running more letters to the editors. While I encourage as much reader feedback as possible, I also want to make this a space for local organizations, communities, and citizens to voice concerns and highlight topics related to homelessness, housing, and social justice.

Let us know what issues need attention, and let us know who or what is missing from the dialogue.



Alejandro Ramirez