We Never Learn: Mass Carnage Reveals America’s Apathy

I watched the events unfold in Vegas last week with a deep sadness, and then utter disgust as I watched politicians and others on the left (including myself) spout off about gun control once again.  I am always amazed how as Americans we react to a situation after tragedy strikes.

The same thing happened with Sandy Hook and many other shootings leaving behind broken families and friends, and yet this tragedy like those before it will fade, the stories of heroes and sacrifice will vanish along with the media hordes and we will all go on with our lives and the fight over guns will become old news until the next school or concert shooting. Gun Violence happens every single day, not just during concerts or when schools in session – everyday!

Our response should be outrage on a daily basis: Liberal politicians and their supporters should be protesting every day. The media should have coverage everyday.

But not of that really happens, does it?

It’s the way we do business here in the USA; Wait till the worst happens, get all lathered up over it, then become complacent without really solving the problem then repeat. We seem to have a history of that.

Gun violence, civil rights, climate change, law enforcement – if America had a report card it would be filled with incompletes. We don’t seem to learn anything. After Sandy Hook common sense gun laws should have been a no brainier, but all anyone could seem to suggest that we should arm teachers. Children and a teacher were murdered in cold blood and that was the best we could come up with? Now we can add Vegas to the list. Have we learned anything? Do we realize now that we need to make it harder for people to get guns?

It’s harder to get a driver’s license than it is to buy a gun!  Many will say that the biggest hurdle is the NRA, True their lobby is powerful and they have the majority of DC politicians in their pocket, but it doesn’t mean we stop fighting. We have to do it every single day, not just when it’s convenient. If we do not, well we know the results.

How many more will needlessly die before we do something? This isn’t a second amendment issue, it’s a life issue. We need to learn and we need to act.


James Shearer

James Shearer is a writer and co-founder of Spare Change News.