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Evacuated Homeless Campers Return to Houston Overpass After Hurricane Harvey

Residents living in the homeless encampment under Houston’s 59 overpass got some good news recently when they received a temporary restraining order preventing the city from enforcing its anti-camping ban. The reprieve did not last long. Within 48 hours, the residents were forced to leave anyway, as Hurricane Harvey slammed into the region. The hurricane

Rev. Al Sharpton: “We Are Not Going Backwards”

On January 19, the eve of the presidential inauguration, the Rev. Al Sharpton stood outside Trump International Hotel in New York City with Mayor Bill De Blasio, filmmaker Michael Moore, actor Alec Baldwin and thousands of protesters to kick off their 100 days of resistance to the president-elect’s agenda. “We are sending you a message

SCN Exclusive: Carl Bernstein on Trump, voters, and the media

In 1992, legendary journalist Carl Bernstein blasted the media for its obsession with celebrity, manufactured controversy,  gossip, and sensationalism in his article “The Idiot Culture” for the New Republic. At the time, the front pages of newspapers across the country were more focused on Donald and Ivana Trump’s divorce than they were on Nelson Mandela’s

Eric Alterman: Reviving the liberal label

For nearly a year and a half many journalists and media outlets have struggled to make sense on Donald Trump’s sexist, racist, xenophobic campaign for President. But not The Nation’s Eric Alterman. “I think Trump is in many ways a continuation of what we’ve gotten from the Republican Party for the past 20 years,” Alterman

Michael Patrick MacDonald: Families of All Souls “Are all Dealing with Heroin”

(Photo: Bill Brett) When Michael Patrick MacDonald walks down ‘methadone mile’ he sees a familiar story among the addicts and panhandlers. “Most people down there come from places like I come from,” MacDonald said. Places of “poverty” and “trauma.” MacDonald grew up in the Old Colony housing projects during the height of the cocaine epidemic

Life on Skid Row

(Photo: Zengzheng Wang) 1890 was a good year for California oil baron Lyman Stewart. His company had merged with Sespe Oil and the Mission Transfer Company to form Union Oil, Paul Rood, adjunct professor of political science and history at Biola University, said. At the time it was the largest oil company in California, responsible

Bill Keller: Holding the Criminal Justice System Accountable

Photo Credit: Zengzheng Wang In February 2014 Bill Keller shocked the media world when he left the New York Times after 30 years to start a national conversation about the U.S. criminal justice system as editor of The Marshall Project. “This felt like an area where there might actually be a chance to make a

Jerome Winegar: The rise and fall of South Boston High School

Jerome C. Winegar sat at his desk in St. Paul, Minnesota when his phone rang. He was weeks away from taking over as headmaster of South Boston High School. It was Federal Judge W. Arthur Garrity, and he had specific instructions for Winegar. “Mr. Winegar, I don’t care, whatever you say you need. I’m going