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Boston Puts Tech to Use in Ending Homelessness

Boston Puts Tech to Use in Ending Homelessness

Green River, a Cambridge-based software company, will build the web application for Mayor Martin Walsh’s action plan to end chronic and veteran homelessness. The application will provide a way to match homeless people with housing opportunities and resources. Currently, every shelter in Boston has its own way of figuring out where the best place is

Kids These Days: Harvard Square Youth Bridges Gap Between Students and the Homeless

All photos: Alena Kuzub Y2Y is officially open for business. The shelter, founded by Sarah Rosenkrantz and Sam Greenberg, welcomed guests into its 22-bed facility for the first time in January. Y2Y is for the youth and is also run by the youth, relying on a volunteer staff of over 200 Harvard students, making it

Homeless Bill of Rights Seeks to Lessen Inequality

The state legislature recently moved forward in efforts to legally protect the homeless from discrimination in Massachusetts. On Dec. 15, an act providing for a homeless bill of rights in Massachusetts was voted unanimously out of housing committee and referred to the Committee on House Ways and Means. The rights laid out in the bill