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Infrastructure Inequality: The Battle to Fix the Long Island Bridge

Infrastructure Inequality: The Battle to Fix the Long Island Bridge

Outside of Woods-Mullen Shelter, just down the street from Boston Medical Center, sits a large, cage-like structure. A fence runs down the middle, creating two chain-link hallways. On a windy Boston afternoon, people in hoodies, sweatpants, ball caps and shades gather there, some huddled together, others standing and talking or smoking, many clinging to the

Five Questions with Gubenatorial Candidate Joe Avellone

BOSTON, Mass.—On Wednesday, April 9, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Avellone released his jobs and economic development plan. The plan focuses on using the state education system to attract modern industries (like life sciences and smart manufacturing) and creating a pro-small business environment. Avellone, currently the Corporate Senior Vice President of biotech company PAREXEL International, spoke

Debate Over Prescription Drug Addiction as Governor Declares Public Health Emergency

BOSTON, Mass.—On Thursday, 27 March 2014, Governor Deval Patrick declared a public health emergency in Massachusetts in response to the growing rate of opioid addiction. The declaration provides Department of Public Health Commissioner Cheryl Bartlett with emergency powers. She will work with the Public Health Council to take several actions to combat addiction and improve

Candidate Releases Video Promoting New Initiative to Battle Drugs

ROXBURY, Mass.—Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Avellone has continued to make substance abuse treatment reform a key issue in his campaign platform. He first announced a six-state initiative to battle substance abuse in all New England states and has since released a video showcasing his proposed Office of Recovery. The Office of Recovery would operate under

Candidate Proposes Office of Recovery

BOSTON, Mass.—Democratic candidate Joe Avellone announced in February that he would establish an Office of Recovery focused on substance abuse treatment if elected governor. According to a statement released by the Avellone Campaign, the Office of Recovery would operate under the Executive Office of Health and Human Services.The Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse would be

Sequester Cuts into Massachusetts Homeless Programs

BOSTON, Mass.—In a press release on July 10, the Patrick Administration’s Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) announced its plans for $4 million in Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funds it received from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to combat homelessness in the commonwealth. According to the release, roughly $1.4 million

Foreclosure King or Homeless Advocate?

Bank of American and the United Way Partner on Youth Homelessness Summit BOSTON, Mass.—The United Way, partnered with Bank of America, held the Boston Youth Homelessness Summit on Thursday, June 20. The audience included members from prominent organizations like Youth on Fire and Bridge Over Troubled Waters, alongside a few private companies. The summit was