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Election Issues: Minimum Wage

Election Issues: Minimum Wage

The minimum wage has been a very contentious issue in many local governments and state houses, but this year, the issue could be a focal point in the presidential race. It’s important to know that for an increase in the federal minimum wage to occur, the Democrats would have to win the house and senate,

How to avoid banking fees

For over a century, everyone has wanted a safe and easy place to store their money. The only problem is that in recent years, banks have decided to make their profits by charging customers fees for anything they can possibly imagine. We will look at some of the most common fees and how to avoid

How did the minimum wage fight end up like this?

For some time, there has been much discussion on increasing the minimum wage at both the national and state level, but companies have recently shown that they intend to make sure that the effect on them is minimal. This can cause problems for those who’ve been actively fighting for progress. There’s no question that income

How youth unemployment hurts the economy

Even though the economy shows modest signs of improvement, one sector needs our attention: unemployment—in particular, youth unemployment and inner-city unemployment. While Boston has an unemployment rate of 4% (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) and the nation has a rate of 5%, youth unemployment nationally is close to 20%. This poses a major

How Boston is trying to combat the effects of hunger

Those in poverty face many challenges, but one of the most devastating challenges is hunger. Although Massachusetts does its part by enforcing a minimum wage that’s almost $3 higher than the federal minimum wage, the reality is that the benefit of those increased earnings are diminished rather quickly by the high rents in the Boston