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‘Clean sweep’ becomes policy

The Walsh administration has announced an initiative aimed at clearing homeless people from the Melnea Cass/Massachusetts Avenue neighborhood, in a follow up to last summer’s action against Boston’s homeless, known as “Operation Clean Sweep,” with its Melnea Cass/Mass Ave. 2.0 plan.  “While no neighborhood or group of people has escaped this crisis, the areas of

Police action sends homeless people running

The assault of a corrections officer in the South End has led to what Boston Police are calling “Operation Clean Sweep,” and what activists are characterizing as a bare-knuckled attack on the entirety of Boston’s Homeless population.  Fifty-one-year-old Sean Stuart has been arrested in connection with an assault on Aug. 1, caught on video, that

Boston Police release arrest reports from August’s ‘Free Speech’ Rally

Photos by Caitlin Russell Back in August, a handful of Nazis, White Supremacists, and “free speech advocates” came to Boston, where they were met by tens of thousands of counter-protesters. Or, as Boston Police (BPD) reported, somewhere between 200… And 2000. While the crowd was huge, only 33 people were arrested. And according to those

Teachers out in force to protest Betsy DeVos at Harvard

When Education Secretary Betsy Devos came to the Kennedy School of Government last week, she faced protesters outside the school as well as inside. The crowd outside included members of the Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance, a coalition of teachers, parents, students, and civil rights groups. They were out front with signs and amplifiers making it

Bill Aims to Regulate Out-of-state Inmate Labor

The Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security heard testimony on Senate Bill 1279, An Act Protecting Inmate Safety and Expenditure of State Funds, on July 19 at the Massachusetts State House. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Michael Barrett (D-Lexington), would establish guidelines for shipping inmates out of state to perform labor. The bill

Boston City Council considers safe injection sites

The Boston City Council has been actively exploring and debating the possible implementation of medically supervised injection facilities — or safe injection sites — in Boston. The topic, first discussed by the City Council during their June 7 meeting, got a formal hearing on June 19 featuring several experts and stakeholders related to the opioid

BHA Documents Come with a Hefty Price Tag, Spare Change News to Appeal

The Boston Housing Authority is asking for $6,200 for one year’s worth of Section 8 apartment inspection reports. The BHA says that the request for reports from 2016 will produce 40,544 documents. BHA Chief of Staff Lydia Agro said that while producing the paper inspection reports detailing the specific violations would be burdensome and expensive,