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Conference for women celebrates progress, and calls for action

American universities and office parks look a lot different than they did 50 years ago. The efforts to recruit women into higher education have paid off so much that the majority of college students are now female. With men taking on greater childcare responsibilities, and technology increasing women’s options for balancing a family and a

Homeless and Housed Populations Unified by Common Art

[img_assist|nid=291|title=A Common Artist at Work|desc=Photo curtesy of|link=none|align=center|width=640|height=480] Summertime on Newbury Street beckons tourists and locals to stroll the sidewalks and admire the bright patterns of the season. Propped up in front of historic Emmanuel Church is a display of art for sale, featuring paintings of a field of colorful poppies, a contemporary geometric design,

The Home for Little Wanderers’ Journey to Outer Space and Beyond

Caroline Fenton Out of a grey-green, steaming swamp rose several eyeballs, staring eerily at their viewers. The scene was an extraterrestrial dreamscape that made the little green Martians of Saturday morning cartoons seem light-years away. This painting was part of an exhibition called Voices and Visions, with the theme “Outer Space and Beyond”. It was