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Q&A With Beth Babcock President and CEO of Crittenton Women’s Union

Beth Babcock is the president and CEO of Crittenton Women’s Union and has studied the effects of poverty on executive functioning. Under Babcock’s direction, Crittenton Women’s Union is currently researching methods of coaching to positively affect impoverished adults. Earlier this month, Chalkey Horenstein spoke with Ms. Babcock, who explained the meaning of executive functioning and

Q&A with homeless film-maker Eric "Protein" Moseley

Eric “Protein” Moseley has been critically acclaimed in Los Angeles as the nation’s first homeless filmmaker to show a documentary on opposite coasts: once in South Carolina and once in California. Moseley was born in Detroit, but has also lived in Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Kingstree, Houston, Tallahassee, New Orleans, Miami, New York, Columbia

Worldwide Vendor Spotlight: Gregory Henry Daugherty

Despite being more commonly found in Cambridge’s Harvard Square, Spare Change News vendor Gregory Henry Daugherty boasts he was a born and raised Bostonian “I’m from Boston. Born and raised in Boston – not Cambridge, Boston. I went to Boston Trade High School, and did everything in Boston. Here, you’ve got more people into a