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Moving up and looking back

Gary aka John Doe Spare Change News When thrust into a situation that takes you out of your element, you become vulnerable. When you’re with strangers that are in the same, or a similar, situation, there’s a comfort brought back within you. It’s not a matter of “misery loves company,” however; it’s a common ground

Pine Street Inn, hopeFound Explore Merger

Adam Sennott Spare Change News Two of Boston’s leading homeless shelters announced August 5th that they are considering a merger that they believe could allow them to have a greater impact in Boston’s fight to end homelessness. Pine Street Inn, New England’s largest homeless shelter, and hopeFound, formerly known as Friends of the Shattuck Shelter,

James Shearer Column: For David

[img_assist|nid=547|title=|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=400|height=400] JAMES SHEARER Spare Change News For David Just a little over two years ago, this old bulldog of a newspaper seemed headed for the scrap heap. We had been through so much over the last few years and when the recession hit, it seemed as if Spare Change had fought its last battle. I

Mass. Wants New Emphasis on Housing over Shelters

By Tom Benner First in a three-part series on the Patrick administration’s five-year plan to eliminate homelessness by 2013 Part One: The shift from shelters to housing Part Two: What the advocates and experts say Part Three: What policymakers say and next steps Housing First is a revolutionary concept in the fight against homelessness. Instead

Kip Tiernan Gone, But Not Forgotten

[img_assist|nid=531|title=Kip Tiernan |desc=|link=none|align=center|width=400|height=400] By James Shearer I was watching the news on the morning of July 4th, and the news crew was busy focusing its attention on the preparations for that evening’s fireworks display as usual, when they cut away only for a brief moment to announce that Kip Tiernan had passed away. I never

An end to reefer madness is in sight

By Aaron James The prohibition on marijuana prohibition dates back to the mid-1930s with the ‘Marijuana Tax Act.’ This law effectively made possession and distribution of marijuana a felony. Since this time we have made great strides correcting this flaw. Currently, simple possession of marijuana is no longer a felony charge in any state of