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Vaccinating Against Addiction

Vaccinating Against Addiction

There is no magic pill, but one day there could be an inoculation against addiction to certain substances, including heroin and other opiates. Dr. Kim Janda of the Scripps Research Institute, one of the country’s largest biomedical institutes, in San Diego, California, has been at work for over 20 years formulating vaccines against drugs like

SPOT-ing Overdoses and Fighting the Opiate Epidemic in the South End

Photo: Henry Zbyszynski Spotting an opiate overdose can be difficult. Someone high on heroin or OxyContin may have difficulty speaking. Their muscles may be slack and may impair normal movement. Or they may “nod out” and seem to be asleep. Overdoses typically cause shallow breathing, loss of consciousness and discoloration of the skin, lips and

Veterans Legal Services: Pro-bono legal help for homeless and struggling troops

Photo: Veterans Legal Services Coming back is never easy, but for the hundreds of veterans struggling with legal issues and fighting to stay off the streets, Veterans Legal Services (VLS), the Boston-based nonprofit legal team dedicated to providing pro-bono legal aid to veterans who are currently homeless or at risk of losing their homes, is