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Homeless Rights Advocates Mistrustful of BRA Rebranding

Homeless Rights Advocates Mistrustful of BRA Rebranding

On Wednesday, housing and homeless rights advocates wrote an open letter to the City Council and people of Boston reprimanding Mayor Walsh’s handling of the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA). The letter coincided with Walsh’s announcement of the rebranding of the BRA, renaming it the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA). Boston activist Mel King was

State Universities and Community Colleges Suffer Despite UMass Funding Increase

BOSTON, Mass.—Gov. Deval Patrick recently approved an increase in funding for state colleges for Fiscal Year (FY) 2015, continuing the pattern of the past few years. The UMass schools, however, receive a greater portion of the funding than do the nine other state universities. There are more students enrolled in the UMass system, and the

An International Twist on a Traditional Bluegrass Musician

For an Americana musician in Boston, Stash Wyslouch certainly brings an international flavor. Born in Switzerland of half Polish-half Colombian ancestry, he holds triple citizenship for the US, Poland and Colombia, all three of which he spends time in. He plays full-time in an original bluegrass/progressive bluegrass band called The Deadly Gentlemen, which tours around

College Representatives Meet with Mayor Walsh to Discuss Student Housing Conditions

BOSTON, Mass.—On June 3, Mayor Marty Walsh met with representatives from all 22 of Boston’s colleges to discuss the safety of students living off campus. Students in Allston and Brighton, as well as other neighborhoods, often live in old, dilapidated buildings. Landlords skimp on renovations while keeping rent prices high, leaving students in pest-infested and

Turkey Plays Chicken in Harvard Square

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—Although no one knows for sure how long it’s been there, whether a couple months or more, it appears that the Harvard Square turkey is there to stay. Miraculously still alive in an area notorious for bad driving, the turkey spends its days either walking causally the wrong way down Mass Ave. or posing