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Free Activities to Close Out the Summer of ‘14

Free Activities to Close Out the Summer of ‘14

Concerts in the Courtyard Wednesdays at 6pm and Fridays at 12:30pm Boston Central Library in Copley Square, Boston, MA Hosted by the Boston Public Library Foundation, the Boston Public Library’s concert series is sure-fire way to enjoy the plethora of local musical talent. Only an hour long, it’s a great excuse to go check out

State Lawmakers Hear Testimony on Bill for Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

BOSTON, Mass.—On 16 June 2012, the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities held a hearing for House Bill 135, “An Act Providing Housing and Support Services to Unaccompanied Homeless Youth.” Co-sponsored by state senators James O’Day and Katherine Clark, the bill seeks to improve on the resources available to homeless youth

New Report on Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

BOSTON, Mass.—The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Special Commission on Unaccompanied Homeless Youth released its inaugural report at the end of April. The research in the report is setup to expand within the next few years, going deeper into underlying issues of homelessness that do not typically receive government or media attention. The commission states that their

Money and Houses: State Rep. Marjorie Decker Tackles the Issues at Spare Change News’ 21st Anniversary Gala

State Representative and Cambridge City Councilor Marjorie Decker was one of a handful of speakers at Spare Change News’ 21st Anniversary Fundraiser and Celebration. She also acted as an enthusiastic, quick-witted auctioneer. Raised in Cambridge, she shined, entering dialogues with the diverse group of attendees at the event. A democrat, and self-proclaimed “Cambridge progressive,” Representative

Is Boston Ready to Break the Mayor Mold?

The election of a new mayor of Boston has shaped up into a battle royal. Before Menino was mayor, there was Mayor Raymond Flynn. Menino’s predecessor won a hard-fought campaign against black candidate U.S. Rep. Melvin H. King in 1983. No stranger to politics, King’s near win came in a time of racial division and

Faktum Hotels Supplies the Homeless Experience

Faktum Hotels offers a unique experience: sleeping on the streets. With beautiful, high-resolution photos of scenic cityscapes, one might mistake Faktum Hotels for an upscale evening of Michelin Star cuisine and high ceilings. Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, their rooms are advertised as romantic getaways with historic surroundings, posh art, and a borderline pretentious appreciation for

Super PACs and Female Candidates

The landmark Supreme Court case: Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission established that government cannot restrict independent political expenditures by corporations and unions. While this strongly impacts all candidates for congress, women campaigning for public office have felt the blunt end of the 2010 court decision. Three of the nine U.S. Supreme Court Justices are