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The New England Center for Homeless Veterans: aiding America’s troubled heroes

The New England Center for Homeless Veterans is one of Boston’s largest organizations working to combat the widespread issue of homelessness, specifically amongst New England’s large population of homeless, struggling veterans. Officially founded in 1990, the NECHV mission statement reads: “The Mission of the New England Center for Homeless Veterans is to extend a helping

Quality Dental Plan: A New Option for A Healthy Mouth

Quality Dental Plan, founded three years ago in Oregon by Dan Marut, DMD, is an innovative approach to dental care. In the years to come it could prove to be an effective alternative to traditional dental plans across the United States. The mission statement reads: “At Quality Dental Plan, you save money for the whole

Herald Stories Lead to Reader Action

In recent years, The Boston Herald has printed several articles dealing with issues of homelessness, poverty and social justice. Two of these articles were directly responsible for citizens in the community stepping forward to assist the subjects of the article. The first story was written by writers Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa as part of

Poverty and Homelessness in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an archipelago consisting of ten islands located in the central Atlantic Ocean 570 miles off the coast of West Africa. Together, the islands have a total area of 4,032 km2, approximately the equivalent size of the state of Rhode Island. From August 6th to August 18th, I was in Cape Verde on