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Letter to the Editor Regarding Trump’s Presidency

Letter to the Editor Regarding Trump’s Presidency

I was one of the millions of people who did not vote for Donald Trump.  In fact, during the inaugural event, I was discomfited as the “historic” crowds of supporters were described, since Trump lost the popular vote by about 3,000,000 votes.  Be that as it may; the die is cast. The question is what

National Suicide Awareness Week: How to Save a Life

National Suicide Awareness week took place between Sept. 5 and 11. We saw yellow ribbons tied around trees in memory of people lost to suicide, candle light vigils, community rides, walks and runs. The Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention, a group of suicide prevention agencies across the state, offered information on local events and resources

HAND UP: Report surveys Spare Change News' vendors

Spare Change News under the Homeless Empowerment Project (SCN/HEP) umbrella has always prided itself on helping the homeless by giving them a hand up rather than a hand out. By giving the homeless an opportunity to become self-employed, the homeless get more than a job with a wage. They are given the support of a

Linda Larson: Rise and Shine

The poems printed here were selected from Linda Larson’s most recent book, Rise and Shine, published by Wilderness House Press. Larson writes with exquisite talent and soul. She reaches into her past to give the reader stunning portraits of a kaleidoscope of feelings and situations, from a doorway in Cambridge on a cold winter night

Getting Back on the Right Track During Suicide Prevention Week

This year, September 14 to 28 marks National Suicide Prevention Week – an event I would have missed if it was not for the acuity and understanding of a friend who experienced a suicide in his family. He recognized my suicidal feelings, talked to me about the loss of his daughter, and got me to