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Justice Department Orders Phasing Out of Private Prisons

Justice Department Orders Phasing Out of Private Prisons

In late August, the Justice Department issued a directive to phase out the use of private companies to operate federal prisons. As each private prison contract comes up for renewal, the Bureau of Prisons “should either decline to renew that contract or substantially reduce its scope in a manner consistent with law and the overall

Stanley Forman: 40 Years After the Soiling of Old Glory

The photo was chilling. Before a crowd of onlookers, a white man appears to be attempting to stab a black man with the tip of a flagpole. “It really showed racism,” said photographer Stanley Forman 40 years after he took the Pulitzer Prize-winning snapshot of an anti-busing protest that had turned violent. “It was whites

Hit the Ground Running: Boston Marathon runners find inspiration in fundraising for charity

Ed Wholihan was cold, wet and exhausted, and though he was only a few miles from the Boston Marathon finish line, he had just hit The Wall. He was on Beacon Street, having made it up and down Heartbreak Hill while runners around him dropped like flies. The gray skies and steady drizzle had permeated