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City of Cambridge moving inclusionary zoning amendment into law

City of Cambridge moving inclusionary zoning amendment into law

Cambridge has created 100 units of affordable housing over the past year,  a trend it is looking to continue and build upon in 2017. The Cambridge city council hopes to increase the percentage of affordable housing to 20 percent of the city’s total residential housing units by June of this year. Cambridge implemented inclusionary zoning,

10.5 million households face limited access to adequate food HUD survey finds

The number of occupied households facing limited access to adequate food reached 10.5 million in the past month, roughy 8.9 percent nationwide, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) said in a press release. According to HUD’s 2015 American Housing Survey, released on December 18, the households with financial limitations were those with

Homelessness in Massachusetts declines in 2016 HUD report finds

The number of people experiencing homelessness on a single night in Massachusetts declined by 7.2 percent in 2016, the Department of Housing and Urban Development said in a press release. HUD released it’s annual 2016 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress November 17. The report was based on the annual homeless census count that was

HUD Issues New Guidance Around Discrimination Under the Fair Housing Act for People With Limited English Proficiency

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released a “Limited English Proficiency” (LEP) guidance that addresses how those with limited English proficiency are protected against discrimination under the Fair Housing Act. HUD announced in a Sept. 15 press release that it has created new guidelines to clarify that those seeking housing cannot be

HUD supports housing services for HIV/AIDS community

The Justice Resource Institute received $1.4 million in funding to support tenant-based rental assistance and other supportive services for the HIV/AIDS community in Plymouth, Bristol and Northern Essex counties earlier this month, HUD said in a press release. HUD awarded $24 million in grants nationwide to help more that 1,200 low-income persons living with HIV/AIDS

Boston funeral home provides free burials for the homeless

For the last 25 years, 150 homeless people yearly received a free, dignified burial thanks to a Boston funeral home. The Robert J. Lawler & Crosby Funeral Home provides a no-cost funeral with pallbearers for homeless veterans and homeless adults in greater Boston each year. The Lawler Homeless Funeral Program was founded by Robert J.

Helping Hands: South Shore Advocacy Group Provides Food and Clothing to Boston’s Homeless

On the Boston Common, 85 homeless people recently received food and clothes thanks to a homeless advocacy group from the South Shore. The Hingham-based community group Community Offering Practical Encouragement, or C.O.P.E, held its second annual family day to help the homeless of Greater Boston while they endured a cold and rainy April weekend. From