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Vendor Voices: My Walk for Hunger

Vendor Voices: My Walk for Hunger

On Sunday May 1, I finally got up the courage to go out and participate in the Walk for Hunger. Granted, this year they’d shortened the walk to ten miles because of all the construction that was going on. But that didn’t matter: the point was that I was really doing it. I’d waited for

Boston Police Salute African American Hero

In honor of Black history Month, the Boston Police saluted the first African American to receive the department’s prestigious Medal of Honor earlier this month. The Boston Police saluted Detective Frederick McLean in a press release February 12. McLean received the Medal of Honor after he arrested two armed men as they attempted to rob

Arlington Woman Arrested for Scamming Elderly Man out of $100,000

An Arlington woman was arrested for allegedly scamming an elderly man out of $100,000 earlier this month, Arlington Police said. Anisa Llega, 24, was arrested Dec. 2, after she conned an 84-year-old man into giving her more than $100,000 for school loans, auto payments, and surgery by claiming she was suffering from a terminal brain