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DRAGON SLAYERS: Massachusetts communities fight heroin and opioid addiction

DRAGON SLAYERS: Massachusetts communities fight heroin and opioid addiction

Travis “The Featherhawk” Snyder was chasing the dragon, a euphemism for heroin and opioid addiction, until he had enough. It was three days before Christmas in 2011 and he was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Detoxing in a jail cell in Pennsylvania, Snyder hit rock bottom. He then did the unthinkable. Snyder

Executive Director of Homeless Empowerment Project, Inc. job listing

Executive Director Homeless Empowerment Project, Inc. (part-time position) The Homeless Empowerment Project (HEP) is a not-for-profit corporation with an annual budget of $150,000 and five paid staff positions (all part-time). For 23 years, every two weeks HEP has published Spare Change News, a street newspaper addressing issues of homelessness, poverty, and social justice in the

TV SHOW: Spare Change News TV launches on CCTV

In case you missed it … below is an archive of Spare Change News TV. The weekly program, airing 5:30 p.m. Mondays on Cambridge Community TV’s channel 9, is a news-driven talk show focusing on the story behind the stories featured in each issue of the country’s oldest continuously operating street newspaper. Click here for

MISS CONGENIALITY: Katya's alter ego talks stardom, Olympics

When Boston won the bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, Brian McCook’s now famous drag alter ego Katya planned an old-school Russian boycott. “I’m so torn about it,” says McCook, who was in the top five out of 14 performers featured on the current season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. “While I would love to physically

PHOTOS: Actress Natalie Portman speaks at Harvard

Spare Change News photographer Ryan Miner shot photos of actress Natalie Portman at Harvard. Portman, who scored an Academy Award for her work in Black Swan, will speak at her alma mater on Wednesday, May 27 as the 2015 Class Day speaker for Harvard College. –Photos by Ryan Miner    

EDITOR’S NOTE: Beatrice Bell is SCN's vendor/writer of the year

When I first met Spare Change News reporter and vendor Beatrice Bell, she was standing across from the mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, holding her recording device in front of the newly elected politician’s face. It was the opening of the rush-job Southampton Street shelter and she, along with a team of Spare Change News

EDITOR'S NOTE: Never give up

When I first met author Joe Putignano, he was two years sober and headlining in the touring production of Cirque du Soleil’s Totem. In the show, he was known as Crystal Man and, after he heard me share at a 12-step meeting, he walked up to me with a sweet, almost shy grin. “You’re writing