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A Year After Mass Hunger Strike in California Prisons, What Has Changed?

By Victoria Law CRESCENT CITY, Calif.—On July 8, 2013, 30,000 California prisoners launched what became a 60-day mass hunger strike. One year later, however, Luis Esquivel is still sitting in the Security Housing Unit (SHU) in solitary confinement in California’s Pelican Bay State Prison. “Right now, my uncle is in his cell with no windows,”

Three Poems

Headline: Lawmaker Destroys Shopping Carts Marge Piercy   The homeless make him angry. They’re in the way.  He doesn’t find them scenic.  How dare they survive on the street, in parks, in alleys, doorways and beaches.   Making life even more difficult for those at the end of choices is his answer to their problems.

NOS4A2: A Review

Like father, like son, some people say. Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. As a matter of fact, this apple is even sweeter if you like your books tinged with tales of horror and love. Joe Hill slips you quickly into his world like slipping a

Support for Massachusetts Immigration Reform

‘When local law enforcement is used to deport innocent people, it is not only wrong but it has got to stop!’ Reverend Norm Faramelli’s words were met with a rousing cheer from a rally of more than one hundred people who had gathered on the steps of Boston’s Senate House on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013,

Mary McIntosh: Founder of Feminist Review

Mary McIntosh was an intellectual, a socialist and a feminist activist. She was a woman of strong principles, combined with an abundance of personal kindness. She occupied a pioneering role in many social movements of the late twentieth century, in particular the Gay Liberation Front and the second-wave feminist movements of the 1970s. Mary was