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Editorial: Empty gestures on homelessness

It’s easy to fault Rhode Island’s recently passed Homeless Bill of Rights as a gimmicky gesture. The bill, among other things, guarantees a person the right to use public sidewalks, parks and transportation as well as public buildings “without discrimination on the basis of his or her housing status.” It also guarantees a “reasonable expectation

Editorial: Cut!

Massachusetts is preparing another grim budget for the next fiscal year that is expected to include modest “revenue enhancers” — that is, tax and/or fee hikes on the general public — and yet another round of cuts to social services. Given those two eventualities, the state’s dubious film tax credit program belongs on top of

Editorial: The Need For Public Records Reform

While Massachusetts lawmakers continue to dawdle instead of passing the first substantial update to the state’s public records laws since 1973, news stories continue to expose state and local officeholders thwarting the public’s right to know how government works. One example is the recent disclosure that in the final weeks of Mitt Romney’s term as

Editorial: Flip-flops and hypocrites

Editorial: Flip-flops and hypocrites After all these years, Mitt Romney is still on the make. While that comes as no surprise, the former Massachusetts governor occasionally catches us off guard with another breathlessly unprincipled statement that underscores his willingness to say anything to get elected. A recent example came on Romney’s appearance on Mike Huckabee’s

Editorial: Betting on trouble

As a federal judge lectured yet another Massachusetts legislative leader for official corruption and sentenced him to multiple years in jail, the remaining powers that be on Beacon Hill were busy pitching a scheme that was devised behind closed doors to bring Las Vegas-style casinos to the Bay State. Somehow, it’s impossible to think about