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Sponsor a Spare Change Vendor!

Sponsor a Spare Change Vendor!

If you want to help our vendors stay warm this winter, you can order them some winter gear directly though our Amazon wish list here: This year we have 22 vendors who have need of winter gear that will enable them to sell papers in inclement weather. We are handling this event a bit

Spare Change News and HSBA partners announce The Empathy Project

Harvard Square Business Association just announced the Empathy Project, a collaboration between Spare Change News, Homeless Empowerment Project, and our fellow Harvard Square Business Association member, the Community Charter School of Cambridge. The project is organized by SCN interns and CCSC seniors Yusef Ferhani and Christy Felix. On May 7th, the, National Day of Service, high

Timeline: The chain of events that brought chaos to Boston’s Schools

Photos:, Pulitzer Prize 1977, “The Soiling of Old Glory” The Decision (1954–1974) On May 17, 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously in Brown v. Board of Education that segregated schools were unconstitutional. On May 31, 1955, the U.S. Supreme Court raised the urgency of desegregation in the Brown II ruling by ordering that

The Project: About The Avoidable Crisis

Photo:, Pulitzer Prize 1977, “The Soiling of Old Glory” The Avoidable Crisis is a project conducted by the Emerson College Journalism Department. Three journalism students, one recent graduate and two faculty members researched Boston’s busing crisis during Summer 2014. Over a three month period, the team examined 5,000 documents, including articles, books and reports.