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IDINA MENZEL: Actress talks success, divorce, Frozen

IDINA MENZEL: Actress talks success, divorce, Frozen

Courtesy of INSP News Service / The Big Issue By Steven MacKenzie Not every fairy tale has its happily-ever-after ending. Menzel’s marriage to Taye Diggs, who she met while starring in Rent, ended after ten years as her career soared to new heights. “It’s been a real personally trying time for me—professionally astounding—but I’ve

HOPE ON WHEELS: Two students start new mobile shower project

Hope on wheels? Debbie Perez and Kati Moran, students with Boston University’s School of Public Health, have started a new project to provide mobile showers to Boston’s homeless population. Basing their ideas on San Francisco-based charity Lava Mae, the pair have begun the early stages of crafting the initiative. While brainstorming ways to help Boston’s

SUPREME DECISION: Worcester’s anti-panhandling ordinance slammed

The Supreme Court struck back at Worcester’s anti-panhandling ordinance, declaring that it was impossible to enforce it and that it should be reconsidered back in federal court. The ordinance—which was challenged by the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts (ACLU) in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts in Worcester and was originally upheld on appeal—was

CHRIS PRATT: Jurassic World star talks action, comedy, and dinosaurs

By Guy Davis, Courtesy of INSP News Service / The Big Issue Australia Chris Pratt, who visited Harvard earlier this year to receive Hasty Pudding’s Man of the Year award, would prefer to avoid death by a thousand bites, thank you very much. “Oh, man, take me out with one big bite, please, not

WHAT ARE YOU?: Transgender women face risks in gendered shelters

By Sabrina Caserta Laze Ma coats her eyes with dark liner, adding a few sparkles for fun. She dabs her lips with plum gloss and picks out her favorite dress. Even though she’s been chronically homeless for six years, she’ll do everything in her power not to look it. “I used to wear towels on

They Build with Bottles

By: Angel JulajujPrensa Libre San Marcos Atitlán, Guatemala Recyclable, half-liter plastic bottles, filled with used snack wrappers, are used locally to build walls and houses here. The idea was put into practice after the passage of Hurricane Stan, which left this area as one of the most punished in its wake. Much of the aid