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James Shearer: fight to the finish

There was a hill right next to the school for wayward boys, where James Shearer attended classes as a teenager, and he used to race a classmate up and down the hill when there was nothing else to do. There was often nothing else to do, and James was in good shape, but he never

Horizons for Homeless Children twelfth annual women’s breakfast

There turn out to have been just under a thousand attendees at the twelfth annual Women’s Breakfast to benefit Horizons for Homeless Children, but the more common estimate, at least during the event, was “tons.” Tons of people braved the rain and squeezed around tons of tables at the Westin Copley’s America Ballroom, a gilded

Vendor Profile: Chris Mesfin

Every morning, without the aid of an alarm clock, Chris Mesfin wakes up at a time he describes as ‘somewhere between 4:00 and 4:01.’ It’s still very dark outside, and he folds his sofa-bed away, sits down on it in complete silence and thinks. While most of the rest of Malden is sleeping, Chris can