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Boston City Council Explores Mental Health Clinicians Accompanying Police Dispatches

Boston City Council Explores Mental Health Clinicians Accompanying Police Dispatches

On Tuesday, Feb. 14, the Boston City Council opened a hearing to discuss an increase in investments for mental health clinicians to work alongside the Boston Police Department. Led by Councillors Annissa Essaibi-George—who heads the Committee on Homelessness, Mental Health and Recovery—and Ayanna Pressley (who is part of the same committee), the issue was presented

Deconstructing the Ongoing Travel Ban Court Battle

On Friday, January 30, President Donald Trump sparked an ongoing series of high-intensity debates, legal hearings, and protests when he signed an executive order temporarily halting the entry of all refugees and banning the immigration of people from seven predominantly Muslim nations. The order received a near immediate backlash in the form of weekend-long airport

Voices of Youth Count Strives to Represent and Account for the Young and Homeless

Throughout the course of this past summer, Chapin Hall and the University of Chicago have led an initiative to better understand homelessness in youth populations across the United States. The project, called Voices of Youth Count, utilizes 22 teams strategically based around the nation whose job is to observe hot spots of youth homelessness, analyzing

One Year In, Cambridge Community Foundation President is Settled and Ready to Expand

Geeta Pradhan sounds cheerful, relaxed and confident as we begin our conversation. She gives off an aura of comfort and has a welcoming nature, greeting a stranger as if she has met them before. The positive demeanor is helpful when it comes to her job leading the Cambridge area in a cooperative push against social

Court Case Result Counters Trend on Criminalization of Homelessness

As this past June came to a close, so too did a crucial case which affirmed to the state of Massachusetts that homelessness would not not be considered a crime within its borders. Commonwealth v. Magadini–which was taken on by the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts–was a saga beginning in early 2014, when complications

Leadership Institute Helps Eight More Women Find Their Voice

This past Wednesday saw eight women enter the sunbathed Boston afternoon with liberating confidence after Rosie’s Place—a renowned sanctuary for the local female homeless population—deemed them graduates of the shelter’s Leadership Institute. The ceremony, which marked the end of the program’s summer session for this year, showcased what each woman had learned and how it

Boston area lags behind nation’s growing job market

In terms of employment, the past year has been an arduous one for the Boston metropolitan area, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ recent quarterly report. The report states that compared to nationwide numbers, Boston has had little job growth as of April. This news contrasts with reports of statewide GDP growth and

Transgender Rights in Schools: Obama Administration Releases Guidance for Proper Action

Last week, the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education unveiled “significant guidance” for public schools to follow in order to protect the civil rights of transgender students. This guidance initiative utilizes the past reforms of Title IX—an amendment which bars discrimination in all federally funded schools—to defend transgender liberties and justify any precautions that should