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The Poetry of Bob “Bikerwolf” Bryant

Miles Passed By By: Bob “Bikerwolf” Bryant Roads traveled, Lessons learned Righteous Runs, Crash and Burns Scarred body, Wounded Soul Miles passed by as two wheels rolled Friends enter, Friends leave Sometimes happy, Sometimes peeved Yesterdays passed, Feeling old Miles passed by as two wheels rolled Hopefully destined, To always roam Ride with Brothers, Ride

Book Club for the Homeless: 'Things Worth Discussing'

Caroline McHeffey Spare Change News Since last September, I’ve been in touch with the Oasis Coalition, an organization that helps to empower and give a voice to the homeless and poor of Boston. My volunteer work there started through my school, Suffolk University, and I was quickly serving at their Monday night dinners on a

The Poetry of Molly Lynn Watt

Bio: Molly Lynn Watt is the author of Shadow People, On the Wings of Song, (manuscript) set in Civil Rights Movement, Consider This, commissioned for “Across the Ages” dance concert May 2011 which deals with incest, and Civil Rights Update, paired with Dr. King’s Dream speech, required in Dallas Schools. She co-created and performs with

Poems by Aminata Keita

My Accent Everybody has an accent So why is mine a problem? I’m fed up with the ignorance The “You don’t belong here The “I’m sorry honey, can you repeat yourself?” No! I’m not going to repeat myself anymore And I do belong here I’m America too I learned your language I didn’t have an

The Poetry of Everett Hoagland

THE BOTTOM LINE Lo, and behold! Our would be bold new president — nominated, campaigned for, elected by a mainstream political party, by a mainstream political process to head our (inter-) national mess — is neither a comrade, a messiah, nor magician. Not even the so-called American Dream in fruition. Heavens! Unprecedented. Imagine! Of all