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Buy Me Boston: Brian Coleman’s new book is a ‘love letter’ to the city’s past

Buy Me Boston: Brian Coleman’s new book is a ‘love letter’ to the city’s past

Brian Coleman Rat Sign. Photo by Margot Edwards It may be tough to believe for those who weren’t there, but the Celtics weren’t the only thing happenin’ in the city of Boston throughout the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s – and local historian Brian Coleman is here to remind us of that. Coming in the form

Stray to Tent A Forever Home: A Book Review

Stray to Tent A Forever Home What a glory! This book by Gary Clark is beautifully illustrated to raise children’s awareness about homelessness in a positive, loving way. It says that it is for children from the ages of 5 to 8 but really, this is a book for everybody. Really, I found the

Reprisals: A Poem by Mike Fiorto

Up in Shohola we met Nick Dillard, He asked us to come to his house. He had built it, he said, shingle and thatch, Sometimes he lived there with his spouse.   She’s sick now, arthritis, Too hard to come up; she stays in Stroudsburg these days. He comes for the hunting, Bears and coyote,

If They Come For Me

Tell them I was here a while, that I loved some good women, but that the ones I loved best left. If they try to break down my door, tell them I wrote a lot of poems, too many, perhaps, and some plays, and two novels. Tell them none of this paid my rent or

Book Review: Homeless: A Day In The Life

“Someone who’s warm can’t understand someone who’s cold.”——Alexander Solzhenitsyn. This book really brought back the old times of my being homeless. The one very big difference is that this man, who calls himself ‘our friend’ throughout the book, is not an addict. This story is totally engrossing, as he travels through a northwestern city and

Looking For An Exit

The sun it rises early To play tag with the breeze When shadows start dancing To the rhythm of the leaves. The morning silence is a mystery In echo’s we can’t tell. For echo’s all ring hollow Like pebbles in a well. While you’re busy looking down at me For things I didn’t do, Be

Sea of Rust by C. Robert Cargill: A Book Review

Harper Collins Publishers; 195 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10007; Published 2017.  Twitter @Massawyrm. “Sea of Rust” is one fantastic book by a wonderful, totally imaginative writer. C. Robert Cargill is not only an author, but he is a director, one of his most famous being “Dr. Strange,” which was released in 2016. “Dr. Strange”

“The Outsider” by Stephen King: A Book Review

A confluence of events take place when Detective Ralph Anderson is convinced that he knows who the culprit behind a murder is. The unlikely suspect, convicted in the minds of the  detective and the prosecutor Bill Samuels, is Terry Maitland, an English teacher and little league coach in Flint City. Terry Maitland is an unlikely

Spare Change Poetry: Linda Larson

9 Below We didn’t want to go to a shelter. They would have parted us men from women. You and I caught in unforgiving ice, looked for an unlocked car to save us. We found one but it was clear, even then we would not survive the night. By chance we found an open hallway.