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Book Review: “The Doubt Factory” by Paolo Bacigalupi

“The Doubt Factory” is advertised as a book for young adults. Not only is it for young adults, but anyone who can comprehend corporate cover-ups intended to make money will absolutely be enthralled by this tense thriller. Alix and Jonah Banks attend a private school named Seitz Academy for two reasons. First, they are both


Raindrops If kisses were raindrops I’d send you showers If hugs were seconds I’d give you hours If smiles were water I’d send you the sea If love was a person I’d send you me   not good enough Why am I not good enough for you? For your love? Sometimes I feel like I’m

Night Goggles

When shadows you know step and shine on shadows you don’t, you might see what Vishnu once saw: The creation of all earth, of all life, a dream- bound together in joy and tears, the codas caught frozen in time and left for later, like an old high school yearbook boxed somewhere up in the

Aristotle in Aurora & maybe earth is a he after all

By Bruce Goldberg, former member of SDS and Labor Organizer—his take on the shootings at the opening of the Batman Rises movie—and another poem about how humans treat the Earth..   Aristotle in Aurora   “The Good is that at which all things aim.”  Aristotle       A warm midnight in late July; laughter and the zoo-like

To June In Lieu of Flowers

In that little house far from the road you made new left casserole and waited while we marched on the induction center and drove all night across the western slope to Grand Junction the day King was killed.   I still see you in your long blue denim dress, a frontier wife of the sixties

Three Poems

Headline: Lawmaker Destroys Shopping Carts Marge Piercy   The homeless make him angry. They’re in the way.  He doesn’t find them scenic.  How dare they survive on the street, in parks, in alleys, doorways and beaches.   Making life even more difficult for those at the end of choices is his answer to their problems.


CLOUDS Some are white, some gray, others help the sky turn blue. Restless, yet never static, the sky’s most active occupants are a treasured source of beauty Some days are bright and lively, others mope and droop cheerlessly. Nature responds to the moods of clouds. When “Sol”, our source of light and warmth shines, they

The Homeless in Detective Fiction

Homelessness has been called the invisible problem in the United States and isn’t often discussed, due to how sensitive the topic is. Even detective fiction, a genre of literature that often tackles uncomfortable subjects, avoids this issue. While Sherlock Holmes may have paid a network of homeless people in London, the private eyes from the