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Garret’s Movie Palace: “La La Land”

Garret’s Movie Palace: “La La Land”

Long regarded as quaint at best, obsolete at worst, the musical nonetheless refuses to curl up its twinkle toes and die. The likes of “Evita,” “Moulin Rouge!” “Chicago” and the “Pitch Perfect” movies all breathed new life into a supposedly dying genre. And now director Damien Chazelle follows up his 2014 breakout hit “Whiplash” with

Garret’s Movie Palace: “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

Likely to draw in just about everyone who followed the Harry Potter series and likely to please most of them, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” also has things to offer to fantasy-friendly moviegoers who only casually observed the Potter phenomenon. The latter group, however, may be less convinced that this spinoff demands the

“Do Not Resist”—A Movie About the Militarization of Our Police Force

As I write this, the outcome of the election is unknown. Many people will be happy; many people will be upset. The fact that our country could be so divided has brought about a police force that is now being gifted with weapons of war that are no longer being used in the Middle East.

Garret’s Movie Palace: Inferno

Close on the heels of his deeply felt “Sully,” Tom Hanks takes his art down a peg with another paycheck performance as the dramatic cipher Robert Langdon in “Inferno,” Ron Howard’s mostly lame adaptation of Dan Brown’s wholly lame novel. I have no prejudice against Brown. His breakthrough novel “The Da Vinci Code”—a conspiracy thriller

Garret’s Movie Palace: The Accountant

This high-concept story follows a high-functioning autistic accountant who moonlights as a bookkeeper for criminal organizations, only to find himself targeted by one of his clients and forced to reveal that (surprise!) his particular set of skills includes more than just crunching numbers. It’s an intriguing set-up made even more so by the fact that

Garret’s Movie Palace: Fall Movie Preview: Part II

In the last issue of Spare Changes News, I mentioned that I was going to do a two-part fall movie preview in order to review a myriad of movies I saw between the beginning of September to the present. Part 1 included reviews of the movies “Sully” and “Snowden,” the former being slightly better than