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Garret’s Movie Palace: Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Garret’s Movie Palace: Pete’s Dragon (2016)

After an exhausting summer buffet of set pieces, superheroes and whatever s-word you might use for “Suicide Squad,” the gentle “Pete’s Dragon” is a welcome palate cleanser. Where other summer movies are chest-thumping, it’s quiet; where others are brashly cynical, it’s sweetly sincere; where others are lacking in giant cuddly dragons, “Pete’s Dragon” has one.

Garret’s Movie Palace: Bad Moms

This summer has finally given us the ideal “mommy’s night out” movie, a hard-R farce aimed at a demographic that just wants to park the kids in a safe place, knock back some Chardonnay and enjoy some deep belly laughs about the pleasures and pitfalls of motherhood. People with kids are notorious for saying they

Garret’s Movie Palace: Suicide Squad

Superhero movies typically focus on the “good guys” fighting some irredeemable and malevolent force—the kind that’s easy to hate. Suicide Squad takes that narrative in a different direction. It’s still an exciting rollercoaster ride full of glitz and predictable set-piece moments, but this isn’t the sort of comic book movie you’re probably expecting. It’s better.

Christian, White Male: Acton native Finnegan talks race and new show “Black and White”

Christian Finnegan, the stand-up comic seen in a number of TV shows including VH1’s “Best Week Ever,” TBS’ “The Chappelle Show” and his own comedy special “The Fun Part” on Netflix, is back at it on TV, questioning racism in his own way, the way he knows best: with comedy. “Black and White,” the newest

Garret’s Movie Palace: Independence Day: Resurgence

“We had 20 years to prepare… so did they,” states the tagline of “Independence Day: Resurgence,” a cheerfully ludicrous re-encounter of the third kind that doesn’t show any particular evidence of all that planning. Sketchily conceived in every way except for its sensational, more-is-more visual effects, this belated, cluttered sequel to the 1996 smash “Independence

Garret’s Movie Palace: “X-Men: Apocalypse”

On the heels of the most successful and critically acclaimed X-Men movie in franchise history, Bryan Singer’s ”X-Men: Apocalypse” is a decent follow-up to “Days of Future Past”—albeit one that will service longtime series fans more than casual filmgoers. Where “Days of Future Past” featured a time-bending franchise mash-up (packed with nostalgia, cameos and fan-favorite Wolverine at

“The Awkward Conversation”: W. Kamau Bell talks racism in America, new show, American justice system

It’s not like W. Kamau Bell aspired to be at the forefront of political comedy and social commentary when he was growing up. He just really liked comedy as a kid. He watched “Saturday Night Live” religiously at a very young age and one day hoped to make it on that stage. In fact, political

Garret’s Movie Palace: Captain America: Civil War

Like “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Captain America: Civil War” starts with mankind grousing about all the collateral damage caused, time and again, by the efforts of superheroes to save the planet. Earth survives, true, but sometimes a downtown winds up obliterated, and then the caped, powerful, all-but-indestructible hero ends up hearing nothing but