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Barry Crimmins: Boston comedy legend talks about social activism and homelessness

Barry Crimmins: Boston comedy legend talks about social activism and homelessness

Photo: Dennis Brennan Barry Crimmins has built a career off of not caring. But not in a bad way, by any stroke of imagination. He does care. The Boston comedy pioneer has cemented his name in comedy history with his upfront, no-holds-barred brand of political satire, his tireless social activism and, just recently, being the

Garret’s Movie Palace: Love Actually

Those of you who are constant readers of my column will know that I normally indulge you with movies currently in theaters. But for this holiday season, I thought I’d break the monotony and give you a review of my all-time favorite holiday movie: “Love Actually.” Every holiday season, at least one movie company releases

Garret’s Movie Palace: My All American

As the writer of “Hoosiers” and “Rudy,” Angelo Pizzo knows inspirational drama, but his directorial debut, the football-themed “My All American,” isn’t quite the touchdown I was hoping for. It’s based on the true story of the 1960s University of Texas shooting star Freddie Steinmark, and Massachusetts native Finn Wittrock—currently starring in “American Horror Story:

DAN RATHER: On the decline of investigative journalism

After more than 60 years in journalism, former CBS News anchor Dan Rather still believes that a free and independent press is the “red beating heart of freedom and democracy.” But news organizations aren’t living up to that standard, he says. Nor are they working hard enough to “give voice to the voiceless.” Currently anchoring

MCGORRY ON MURDER: Actor Matt McGorry discusses feminism, Boston and performing

Matt McGorry, star of ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder and the Netflix original smash hit Orange Is The New Black, has made a splash in the celebrity advocacy scene over the last few months. The actor, an Emerson College graduate, continues to blaze the trail for many social justice causes. In fact, McGorry’s

IDINA MENZEL: Actress talks success, divorce, Frozen

Courtesy of INSP News Service / The Big Issue By Steven MacKenzie Not every fairy tale has its happily-ever-after ending. Menzel’s marriage to Taye Diggs, who she met while starring in Rent, ended after ten years as her career soared to new heights. “It’s been a real personally trying time for me—professionally astounding—but I’ve

KEN BURNS EFFECT: Filmmaker reflects on The Civil War series, social equality

It’s hard to have a conversation about American history in today’s world without referencing at least one of Ken Burns’ documentaries. From National Parks to Baseball to The Roosevelts to The Civil War (the latter celebrates its 25th anniversary this month with a re-broadcasting of the groundbreaking series), it’s undeniable that Ken Burns has cemented

GARRET'S MOVIE PALACE: 30th anniversary of Back to the Future

I had originally planned on writing my review for Ant-Man, but last night while channel-surfing I stumbled across Back to the Future, and it dawned on me that this year marks the 30th anniversary of that timeless classic. What’s more, I did my research and found out that the movie was originally released on 07-03-1985,