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Helping The Planet, Saving Money: Non-profit Helps Others Go Green

Jonah Comstock Spare Change News Tucked into the back corner of the modest kitchen, the Energy Star refrigerator still manages to dominate the room. It’s huge, it’s shiny, and it’s new the Cambridge Community Center near Central Square just purchased the unit in July. The new fridge, which will save $3,862 in energy costs and

Detox Made Difficult

James Shearer Spare Change News A couple of weeks ago I spent the better part of two days trying to get a friend into a detox program. For those of you who have no idea what that is, it’s a place where people who are looking to get off of drugs and/or alcohol go first,

Fight Addiction Your Own Way

Aaron James Spare Change News Fourteen months since a lick of alcohol has touched my lips! There have been many close calls. I have actually opened a can, only to end up flushing it down a thirsty toilet. I have had many nights of hell, bringing myself to the breaking point, nights where I truly