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Paying The Price

Paying The Price

About two weeks ago, my chest started bothering me. I couldn’t really describe the feeling; it was like an itching across the inside of my chest. I didn’t know whether it was my heart or my lungs. When I was 11 years, I started smoking Camel non-filters and smoked regularly from then until my last

“Norse Mythology” by Neil Gaiman: A Book Review

Neil Gaiman respects the old gods, and that’s why he’s the proper man to write their tales. Gaiman did not just read tales that modern men have written to decipher the old god’s realities. He went back and studied the original translations of Snorri Sturluson’s Prose Edda and the verses of the Poetic Edda, which

Garret’s Movie Palace: “Live By Night”

Adapting a good crime writer is never easy but Dennis Lehane’s prose is more cinematic than most and he writes lovely, loping dialogue that lifts his characters above the mundane. At least he does in “Live by Night”, a 500-page epic about a Boston crook named Joe Coughlin (Ben Affleck) who becomes a kingpin in

“American Carnage:” Trumpism and the Nationalist Turn

President Donald Trump gave his inaugural address this week. In it he painted a dystopian, apocalyptic landscape in America where factories were tombstones and people were wandering hungry and homeless. It was dark image of America and the world: a strange image given that American income has risen, unemployment has dropped, 20 million more Americans


When it comes to true friendship between two people, many of us don’t know what that means. When we call someone our BFF, what does that really mean? Is it just something people say when they hang out once in a while? Or is it something else entirely? Let me tell you what I think:


On a bitterly cold Wednesday morning a couple of weeks ago I walked slowly up Beacon Hill towards the Church on The Hill. I was walking slow not because of my COPD, but because it was particular day that I have come to dread. It was December 21, National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day. Services were