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Eight Dollars a Month: An Idea For Solving Homelessness

Some of the biggest problems we face in Boston are unemployment, city budgeting and understanding where our tax money is being spent. According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the national debt equated to $59,143 per person or $159,759 per working taxpayer in March 2016. Having such a high debt ratio to the population,

Denver’s big hopes for tiny houses

Photo: Wikimedia Commons If all goes according to plan, two new temporary tiny house villages will be built in Denver in 2017. The aim of building them is to provide an alternative type of shelter for people experiencing homelessness. The first will be called Beloved Community Village and is being organized in part by the

Proposed Cuts to MBTA Disability Services Pulled Back After Fierce Opposition

The past two weeks have seen the continuance of an ongoing debate regarding MBTA’s budgeting issues. Officials for the transit system receded last month’s proposal for a $7 million cut in services for the Ride—a door-to-door transportation network for disabled and senior citizens—after heavy protest from advocacy groups and riders alike. “Given the size of

Commission releases report on senior LGBT housing

A report by the Cambridge LGBTQ+ Commission on LGBT seniors living in housing run by the Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) recommended that the CHA sponsor programming for people who identify as LGBT, include gender identity as a protected class in the CHA anti-discrimination policy and collect information about how many LGBT seniors live in CHA

Food Banks Seek State Funds as Federal Cuts Loom

Food banks from across Massachusetts expect to see major cuts as the Republican Party plans to slash $150 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which helps feed some of the state’s neediest residents. To make up for the loss, four of the state’s largest food banks are asking local legislators to support their

Insane Clown President: Matt Taibbi on Social Justice in the Age of Donald Trump

Spare Change News was able to track down busy journalist and author Matt Taibbi to talk about President Trump’s potential impact on social justice, healthcare and homelessness. Taibbi also spoke about his new book, released in January, titled “Insane Clown President: Dispatches from the 2016 Circus”, which gathers his reporting for Rolling Stone during the