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Cambridge Considers Adding More Public Porcelain

Cambridge Considers Adding More Public Porcelain

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—We have all been there: You are out on a Sunday afternoon, minding your own business, when suddenly … nature calls. Hopefully you are near a public restroom when it happens, or a business that allows the public to use its facilities. However, most shops ask you to buy something before using the bathroom,

Who Will Feed the Children?

Every force has an equal, yet opposite reactive force states Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Recent politics prove that Newton’s law is applicable elsewhere. Once again a lack of cohesion among bipartisan entities and an ensuing sense of “hyper-partisanship” grows apparent with measures that undermine progress. Yet as the squabbling continues, so does the pain

Protecting Our Right to the Right Medicine

President Obama’s healthcare reform is about to severely restrict drug treatment options for millions of America’s most vulnerable patients. This certainly wasn’t the president’s intention. But a new, preliminary regulatory ruling from the Department of Health and Human Services required by the 2010 healthcare reform law applies a one-size-fits-all approach to prescription medicines. And the

Romneycare vs. Obamacare

When Mitt Romney spearheaded the healthcare law here in 2006, supporters shouted that “Romneycare” ushered us into the mythical realm usually reserved for unicorns: Healthcare reform that worked. Then the Feds joined the fray. Obamacare was upheld in a legendary 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court this summer, so the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) jumped

Mass. Doctor Shortage Most Severe at Community Hospitals

By Andy Metzger STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE BOSTON, OCT. 1, 2012…..While the number of uninsured Massachusetts residents has fallen since 2006 and the number who have visited a doctor has increased, the state’s shortage of physicians continues, with “critical” levels in a few specialties. This year, neurosurgery joined internal medicine, urology and psychiatry as fields