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Health workers vaccinate hundreds after homeless man’s death

Health workers vaccinate hundreds after homeless man’s death

Three cases of a bacteria-caused illness among Boston’s homeless—including one that proved fatal—occurred in less than two months, prompting the Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program to vaccinate 990 shelter clients and staff workers. The illness, meningococcemia, is not usually the cause of widespread outbreaks among homeless individuals, but health experts note that shelter conditions

SOBER GRID: A smartphone app for the recovery community

It’s the day after Sober Grid was released and the new geo-social mobile app’s headquarters in Boston’s Back Bay is abuzz with excitement. “You wouldn’t believe the response we’ve had so far,” emotes Beau Mann, the 33-year-old creator of Sober Grid. “We’ve already had a few thousand downloads and the responses are through the roof.”

DRUG WARS: Heroin and opioid addiction is on the rise

Tom Reily stands before Governor Charlie Baker, Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito and a crowd of hundreds and announces that he is two-and-half-years sober. The crowd responds with a fierce applause and in return Reily smiles. “I was a heroin addict,” Reily, a Boston College graduate, says during the final public hearing of Governor Baker’s opioid

LADIES FIRST: Local nurse weighs in on health care for women

Are women treated differently in the health care field? I recently went to Massachusetts General Hospital to talk to Mary, an infectious diseases nurse, and to get her opinion on the debate. Mary has treated homeless and non-homeless women, men and children in the Infectious Disease Unit. Many of her colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital

MHSA Honors Rosenberg and Brunson for Tackling Homelessness

BOSTON, Mass.—State Senate Majority Leader, Stanley C. Rosenberg, and the Interim Clinical Coordinator at Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Richard Brunson, were honored for their outstanding contributions to reducing homelessness in Massachusetts at the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance (MHSA) annual meeting this year. “This year’s Canon Brian S. Kelley Public Servant Award is particularly a

Long Island Bridge Debate Continues as Winter Sets In for Boston’s Homeless

By Aimee Ortiz BOSTON, Mass.—On Monday 15 December, Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced the location of a new homeless shelter for Boston – a building at 12 Southampton St. in the Newmarket area. The news came after the city had stopped plans for a shelter on Frontage Road in the South End and over two

The Adventures of Casey and Seth, Part One

Papaver somniferum defies agricultural advances. Poppy cultivation remains a time-consuming gamble, opium extraction a tedious, manual exercise. To produce enough opium for just one viss (about 1.65 kg) requires the scoring and scraping of three thousand seedpods for their alkaloid-rich opium ‘tears.’”—from “Chasing the Dragon” by Charles Cox. Way back when, we were friends from

Showly Nicholson Looks to a New Platform for Helping the Homeless

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—Harvard Square is, in many ways, an excellent snapshot of the unique qualities that define the greater Boston area: the same street corners and T stations that are frequented by Harvard University’s most promising students, and homeless individuals who don’t know when they will get their next meal. These streets are also the breeding