Homelessness & Poverty articles

Public Housing Commision Eyes Consensus Recomendations

By Colleen Quinn STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE BOSTON, JUNE 12, 2012….A commission created in the wake of the Chelsea Housing Authority scandal has completed its work, and come up with 37 specific recommendations, including one requiring all housing authorities to hire independent auditors to look over their financial statements. The Commission on Public Housing Sustainability

New Leader Appointed at Homeless Empowerment Project/Spare Change News

Adam Sennott Spare Change News The Homeless Empowerment Project (HEP)/Spare Change News recently announced the hiring of its new Executive Director. Vincent Flanagan, who previously served as Development Director for Legal Affairs for Give Us Your Poor, was hired to replace outgoing interim Executive Director Bob Woodbury on May 17. Flanagan stated that he and

More Housing Hijinks

James Shearer Spare Change News Back in early March, local housing authorities in Massachusetts gathered with local lawmakers. The reason? Well, basically the greedy housing barons were crying in their overpriced beers that the Governor was being unfair to them just because one bad apple did indeed try to steal the show. You may remember

Down and out in Harvard Square: Warm weather brings return of homeless ‘travelers’

Tom Benner Spare Change News Maxine Brandeis came to Harvard Square for the same reason Willie Sutton robbed banks — because that’s where the money is. “The police are more tolerant of panhandling here than in other places we’ve been,” said Brandeis, 21, who is spending a few weeks in the Square with her 25-year-old

We Are All In The Dumps: Remembering Maurice Sendak’s Fiction on Homelessness

Noelle Swan Spare Change News Maurice Sendak was being driven through Los Angeles in the early 1990s. It was the kind of journey into darkness found in his children’s books, only more real and scarier. The nation was struggling to emerge from the recession that had followed a worldwide stock market crash in 1987. Big banks reported