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New Report on Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

BOSTON, Mass.—The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Special Commission on Unaccompanied Homeless Youth released its inaugural report at the end of April. The research in the report is setup to expand within the next few years, going deeper into underlying issues of homelessness that do not typically receive government or media attention. The commission states that their

Getting Sober in Savin Hill

DORCHESTER, Mass.—At 26, Peter Barbuto found himself in a Cape Cod rehab facility bat-tling an addiction to opiates. He was despondent until the day he met Dan Ryan. “He was affirming, very much so,” Barbuto said of Ryan. “Which was great because when you’re down in the dumps and a guy like that comes around;

Pride Highlights Issue on Homeless Youth

This year, Pride meant a lot more than outrageous costumes, late night clubbing and activist signs. The Supreme Court decisions on Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) have been pushed back to Monday as much of the nation awaits to hear the final ruling by the high court. The latter an initiative

Harvard Alumni, Faculty and Law Students Join Campaign to Ditch Fossil Fuel Investments

Cambridge, Massachusets—The campaign to pull Harvard’s stock holdings out of the fossil fuel industry has graduated from primarily a baccalaureate effort, to one that includes law students, faculty, and some of the school’s distinguished and well-heeled alumni. This week, as thousands of attendees and one Oprah descended upon the Cambridge campus for 2013 commencement, and

Is Boston Ready to Break the Mayor Mold?

The election of a new mayor of Boston has shaped up into a battle royal. Before Menino was mayor, there was Mayor Raymond Flynn. Menino’s predecessor won a hard-fought campaign against black candidate U.S. Rep. Melvin H. King in 1983. No stranger to politics, King’s near win came in a time of racial division and

Learning English and U.S. Culture Through Service and Social Justice Education

Foreign students who come to the United States for college often need to improve their English skills and learn more about U.S. culture. Julie Miller’s students are doing just that. They learn through service, as they venture beyond their Northeastern University classroom to volunteer at several sites around Boston. The academic course, entitled “Global Experience,”

Prison Book Program Drive

A few steps away from where John and John Quincy Adams are spending their eternal rest with their respective spouses, a hive of activity takes place in order to get books into the hands of prisoners across the country. This is the mission of the Prison Book Program, in service to the incarcerated for over