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Loaves and Fishes Serving Food and Music in Cambridge

Robert Sondak Spare Change News Every Saturday at 5:30 p.m., Loaves and Fishes Meals Program open its Magazine Street doors serving the homeless. Retirees and members of the community receive a hot restaurant-style buffet prepared by an experienced chef. According to Fred Reece, one of the program’s founding members, the First Korean Church has been

With Winter On The Way, Where Do Homeless Families Go?

Hannah Morgan Street News Service With cold weather quickly approaching, the District of Columbia has yet to identify enough overnight shelters to house the number of homeless families who are expected to need beds. Each year the city’s Interagency Council on Homelessness prepares an official Winter Plan which lays out how local human services agencies

Local Supermarkets Help Fight Hunger

Robert Sondak Spare Change News The September 2011 U. S. Department of Agriculture Household Food Security Report showed that 1 in 10 Massachusetts households lacked the food resources necessary to provide adequate nutrition for all people at some point in the past year. The U.S. Census 2010 Report showed that 245,000 households (or 600,000 people)

Editorial: Charlie on the MBTA

Remember the old folk song about Charlie on the MTA, the man who never returned? It’s now called the MBTA, and the modern-day Charlie may never return because T service can be so erratic and unpredictable. Charlie is likely to jump back into his car and further plug Boston’s hopelessly clogged arteries, which is exactly

More Students, Less Money For Higher Education

Adam Sennott Spare Change News Enrollment at publicly funded colleges is up, driven by a demand for an affordable college education and, for many students, a focus on workforce development with the real-life connec- tions to regional employers that are found at community colleges. At the same time, state support for those state and community

Local Housing Programs: History of the Cambridge Housing Assistance Fund

In 1999 after rent control was change to reflect the need of low to moderate income people; a group of Cambridge business leaders created a program to provide subsidies and affordable rental housing within the city of 100,000 people. The Cambridge Community of Realtors, Cambridge Trust Company, East Cambridge Savings Bank, and Cambridge Savings Bank

Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Assisting Boston's Teenagers in Need

Teens on the streets of Boston have very critical needs. Unlike many adult homeless persons, these youths are not necessarily there because of socioeconomic reasons. Instead, most end up on the streets as the result of emotional or family dysfunctions. A local agency that effectively meets the critical needs of homeless and runaway youth is

'Out of This World' Efforts of Mother of 93 Little Wanderers Honored

[img_assist|nid=276|title=|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=640|height=457] This past May, the nation’s oldest non-profit child and family service agency honored a woman who has cared for 93 children at an event that was out of this world. The Home For Little Wanderers held their annual Voices and Visions Gala at The Seaport World Trade Center on May 26th. During this year’s