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Herald Stories Lead to Reader Action

In recent years, The Boston Herald has printed several articles dealing with issues of homelessness, poverty and social justice. Two of these articles were directly responsible for citizens in the community stepping forward to assist the subjects of the article. The first story was written by writers Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa as part of

Haiti: 8 Months Post-Quake

In the aftermath of one the biggest tragedies in Haiti—a country already known for persistent political unrest and economic depravity—the country still lacks the ability to meet basic human needs. Long after the media coverage of the January 12th earthquake has ceased and Haiti’s fifteen minutes of fame appears to have faded, one thing remains

A Different Kind of Evil

Who would gun down a child? That’s the question that Im asking myself this week, along with all of Boston. Of course I’m speaking about the shooting in Mattapan last week that left three people dead, including a 2-year-old child, and one person clinging to life in a Boston hospital. The details are in itself

Project 50/50: Labels

People gave me a label. And the label puts me in a box. And I can’t live in a box. People say that I am ‘an advocate for the homeless’. They say that this is a ‘road trip to raise awareness about homelessness’. They call me the ‘homeless adventurer’. Someone once called me an activist,

SCN exclusive with Tim Cahill

Manufacturing, gambling and basic trades are pivotal to the Massachusetts job market, according to Independent Gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill in an exclusive interview with Spare Change News. “The job growth problem trickles up to people with Bachelor’s degrees trying to get entry level jobs,” said Cahill, the current Treasurer of Massachusetts, at his campaign headquarters

Project 50/50

Last January Shay Kelley set out to travel to all 50 states in 50 weeks, collecting food, socks, and essential items for those in need across America. Recently, Kelley rolled into Massachusetts, marking her 35th state. While she was here, Kelley generously agreed to share photos of her journey with Spare Change. Kelley will be

Churches Provide Meals to the Homeless

Every Thursday throughout the year, the homeless gather with Cambridge residents for a hot meal prepared by a local cook. The Harvard Square Churches Meal Program is a partnership between two women experienced in hunger outreach, Lieby Bouchard and Laurie Howell, along with two local cooks and a group of Harvard Square churches. This program

Poverty and Homelessness in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an archipelago consisting of ten islands located in the central Atlantic Ocean 570 miles off the coast of West Africa. Together, the islands have a total area of 4,032 km2, approximately the equivalent size of the state of Rhode Island. From August 6th to August 18th, I was in Cape Verde on

To Mend or not to Mend

There is a modern tendency to throw material things away, often seemingly needlessly. If something is broken, our modern world discards it, rather than try to repair it. If this modern trend carries itself into the realm of people, then the poor and downtrodden might be seen as “broken” in some fashion and treated as