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Loaves & Fishes

Serving full dinner on Saturday night. Food pantry starting at 5:00 PM and dinner served at 6:00 PM. Entrees include chicken, beef, port, fish, pasta with assorted vegetable side dished and desserts. Location Korean Church 135 Magazine Street Cambridge MA Saturday Night Dinner and Dessert Saturday Night meals program. All are welcome. 135 Magazine Street

English at Large: volunteers bridge the language gap

At first glance, those who are homeless do not seem to have much in common with immigrants, especially those adults who cannot speak or understand English. However, the two groups share the experience of being voiceless and marginalized. Immigrants who are struggling to learn English feel alienated when they cannot share their thoughts with others,

Project 50/50: Donald

I went to the library to connect to the internet and work on my website. I’ve never designed a website before, but I’m learning. There is a paranoia that comes with having everything that you own inside one small and vulnerable space, so I needed to keep an eye on Bubba while I was inside

The New England Center for Homeless Veterans: aiding America’s troubled heroes

The New England Center for Homeless Veterans is one of Boston’s largest organizations working to combat the widespread issue of homelessness, specifically amongst New England’s large population of homeless, struggling veterans. Officially founded in 1990, the NECHV mission statement reads: “The Mission of the New England Center for Homeless Veterans is to extend a helping

Broken Lives

It’s very hard to imagine how and why people’s lives get broken — let alone their hearts getting broken, which may be a prerequisite to it all anyway. But people’s lives do get broken, and it seems there’s no getting back to where they once were as happy people involved in our world. We can

In The Line Of Fire

I knew Dominic Cinelli. You must have read his name at least a dozen times since Christmas weekend. He’s the guy who killed John “Jack” Macguire, a Woburn police officer, age 60, a good cop. I never thought I’d feel sorry for a police officer, but my heart goes out to Officer Macguire and his