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All Men are Created Equal

Jaclyn Turner (Atlanta, GA) Before attending Impact: Boston, I was vaguely aware that there was such a large homeless population in the U.S. This needs to be fixed immediately. The homeless often strive to dress their best, making it more difficult to know their living situation before one hears their story. The majority of these

Vendor Profile: Chris Mesfin

Every morning, without the aid of an alarm clock, Chris Mesfin wakes up at a time he describes as ‘somewhere between 4:00 and 4:01.’ It’s still very dark outside, and he folds his sofa-bed away, sits down on it in complete silence and thinks. While most of the rest of Malden is sleeping, Chris can

One for the Good Guys

I was on my way home when a friend called me to say that Proposition 8 in California had been overturned. I simply smiled and said, “Good.” “Are you happy?” I asked. “Yes,” she said. Now she has nothing to worry about. My friend is gay and has been a part of my life for

Happy and Healthy: Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program provides

Norman Wante Spare Change News It began with six clinicians requesting access to area shelters and over the last 25 years has grown into an organization dedicated to delivering quality health care to Boston’s homeless. Founded in 1985, Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program has been dedicated to assuring Boston’s homeless community has access

Former Presidential Candidate Michael Dukakis Spares Time For Spare Change

Michael Simpson & Noreen Mulkern Spare Change News Last month Spare Change vendors Michael Simpson and Noreen Mulkern sat down with three-time Governor of Massachusetts and former democratic presidential candidate Michael S, Dukakis. During their conversation Dukakis spoke, among other things, of his policies towards the homeless while he was governor, and issues such as