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New York Homebase Program: 7 Questions Which Need to be Addressed

Social research programs have been conducted for centuries. Basic data collection procedures such as taking the census were reported in religious documents like The New Testament over two thousand years ago. By the nineteenth century, research questions had became so subtle and detailed that increasingly complex analysis strategies were developed to process the data. John

Support Spare Change – The 2010 Fall Appeal

Dear Friend, As a loyal supporter of our mission and the empowerment work that we seek to realize, it gives me great pleasure to describe to you the recent successes that the Homeless Empowerment Project and Spare Change News have enjoyed. Over the course of the past six months, we have accomplished several important milestones.

Mental Illness and Stigma: How Far Have We Come?

Mental illness was once, and to some extent still is, a taboo subject that most people feel uncomfortable talking about within familial or societal spheres. However, because of the superfluity of media coverage and cinematic portrayals of people afflicted with mental illness, it has gone from private whispers behind closed doors to public dialogues. However,

Worcester Edition Debut

Stakeholders involved with the Worcester Homeless Action Committee (WHAC) and the Spare Change News, Worcester Edition at the project’s kick-off event in October 2010.

Getting online: Website Aims To Make Homeless Visible

Mark Horvath is a nationally renowned housing advocate who has been highlighting the stories of homeless people across the United States using short interviews which he records and posts online at Horvath’s concern in initiating his interview project was a conviction that homeless people had been “invisible” for much too long. His goal was

Patrick Speaks About Homelessness and Job Growth in the Commonwealth

Rather than harping on the fact that Boston ranks fifth best city to do business and the state of Massachusetts ranks first in student achievement, health care coverage, veteran’s services and clean energy policies, Governor Deval Patrick noted that there is plenty of room for improvement. Patrick addressed the fact that homelessness remains a significant

Project 50/50: Honesty

We’ll begin with a dose of honesty I believe it to be important to qualify the right people before taking advice. This means that before I ask someone what they would do in a given situation, I take a good hard look at their life. Do they have the experience necessary to make this decision?

Herald Stories Lead to Reader Action

In recent years, The Boston Herald has printed several articles dealing with issues of homelessness, poverty and social justice. Two of these articles were directly responsible for citizens in the community stepping forward to assist the subjects of the article. The first story was written by writers Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa as part of