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Local freedom of information request draws federal jail threat

In November of 2010, the federal government emailed Michael Morisy with a very clear message: fail to take down the information posted on your website and face major fines, or even jail time. Morisy, aware of the seriousness of their intentions, respectfully declined. His site,, was created as a tool to help citizens access

Tammy Callanan: A streets perspective

*Editors note: This article was originally published in the Salem Gazette. Tammy Callanan writes a regular column for the Gazette, and has generously agreed to contribute separate content to Spare Change. First let me introduce myself. I am a grandmother, mother, sister, friend, wife and daughter. I am a Salem native and have experienced being

Loaves & Fishes

Serving full dinner on Saturday night. Food pantry starting at 5:00 PM and dinner served at 6:00 PM. Entrees include chicken, beef, port, fish, pasta with assorted vegetable side dished and desserts. Location Korean Church 135 Magazine Street Cambridge MA Saturday Night Dinner and Dessert Saturday Night meals program. All are welcome. 135 Magazine Street

English at Large: volunteers bridge the language gap

At first glance, those who are homeless do not seem to have much in common with immigrants, especially those adults who cannot speak or understand English. However, the two groups share the experience of being voiceless and marginalized. Immigrants who are struggling to learn English feel alienated when they cannot share their thoughts with others,

Project 50/50: Donald

I went to the library to connect to the internet and work on my website. I’ve never designed a website before, but I’m learning. There is a paranoia that comes with having everything that you own inside one small and vulnerable space, so I needed to keep an eye on Bubba while I was inside