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One Step Up and Two Steps Back

That old Springsteen tune has been going through my head all week. As many of you know I’ve been homeless for the last 5 months or so. I’ve done a lot of couch surfing and the like, hoping upon hope that something would come through. Nothing did and it was time to embrace my biggest

Tales from the wandering

“That man down the street,” she said. “I feel bad for that man down the street. Raising two children all on his own. He must be crushed.” She raised one hand, shielding her eyes from the summer rich sun. The bearded man across the street drove by in his used silver Subaru. He saw her

Policy Changes for the Homeless

Homelessness is back on the agen¬da in Massachusetts. Whether the net result of this renewed attention will be overall diminishment or expansion of services remains to be seen. On May 10, homelessness was the focus of testimony presented at a hearing convened by the Joint Committee on Housing — co-chaired by State Representative Kevin Honan

Boston’s Big Brother: Paul Epstein

Theo Epstein may have been the architect behind two Red Sox World Series Championships, but his twin brother has gone to bat for countless youths throughout Boston. Paul Epstein, a social worker at Brookline High School, has dedicated his life to helping disadvantaged kids. Epstein has also been a Big Brother twice, worked at The

3 a.m. at The Café

It sits on a quaint yet poorly lit country road right alongside a towering willow tree that casts a sinister shadow over it. It is painted light blue with white trimmings, low windows – and upon closer inspection; the paint has started to come off. The café itself is also dimly lit with light fixtures

Contributing with style: American designers raise $280,000 for Japan

More than 100 fashion designers came together in New York, USA, this past April, raising $280,000 for those affected by the March 11th earthquake/tsunami in Japan. Fashion Girls for Japan held its two day 60+ Designers/60+ Rolling Racks sample sale event, featuring clothing from designers across New York this April. The event raised $280,000 for

Food For Thought

While I’ve been pound¬ing out drug horror stories on my faithful computer, the world has been mov¬ing on. Osama Bin Laden is dead and his compound is now an historical site. When Barack Obama debated John McCain, they were asked if they would go into Pakistan if they were told Osama Bin Laden was there,


I came upon a couple of items last week; both had to do with the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) and the State legislator, ITEM ONE. A couple of weeks ago the state legislator voted to ban welfare recipi¬ents from spending money on liquor, tobacco products and the lottery. Also, store owners are not allowed

Ilya Lastovkin: Hoping for a Safe Return

You’re up at night awake, alone. In your egg-shell painted room, the roof tilts at a 45 degree angle from one wall to the other. It’s supposed to, but it appears more precarious to you now than ever. It’s a cold night for November but the windows open anyways so the faded fluorescent lavender from